The Mystic Victorian

Aubrey, Texas
United States

Hi! My name is Jessica. I am the owner/designer/maker/shipper/accountant/social media "guru"/photographer of The Mystic Victorian. I hope I can help adorn and empower you today!

I used to dabble in jewelry-making when I was doing that 9-5 life that always seemed to be at minimum 7a-10p. I started a different version of my shop about 10 years ago. I couldn't think of a great name and I was torn on what to make. I always got told "That's too fancy" or "Why don't you go in this direction" and I felt a little confused. I seemed to always let people lead me to what was popular or what they liked and it never felt like it was from me. About a year ago, I rebranded to The Mystic Victorian and I told myself, I'm going to make what I've always wanted to make! Whenever I've put on jewelry, it's never crossed my mind if it was "too fancy." If it matched crossed my mind, of course, and if it made me feel good. A great necklace has always made me feel empowered to be the me I want to be. So now, I feel fantastic about my new name, the style and look of the pieces I put out, and the overall feeling of doing things on my own terms!

My handmade jewelry and baubles that I sell, stem from my favorite things and my favorite styles. I LOVE old things! I am an old soul indeed. I would say I was born in the wrong time, but I'm a pretty big feminist so I don't think I would've made it in an older time! I love scrollwork on anything, old houses, furniture, old books (and new!), flashy jewelry from kings and queens of the past, big dresses, pocketwatches...I could go on and on. But I also love quiet things, like the rain, the beach, and a nice library visit. I get inspired by nature a lot. A good sunset goes a long way! All of this tends to somehow come together in what I make. 

I am married and a mom of two little boys and a doggie. I used to work retail for about 15 years, give or take. I've done restaurant jobs, cashiering jobs, and managerial jobs. My favorite and longest job I had was as a frame shop manager in a craft store. We had so many cool art pieces, and very weird, come in to be framed, and it was one of the biggest joys to make something out of the box where I could be creative with the design and emphasize the beautiful colors or importance of the piece before me. I have that same joy when I can bring an idea to life and make it work the way I wanted it to. Even a strung beaded necklace is given so much more thought than just stringing a pre-set combination of beads onto a different thread. I always create my own combinations and match colors to emphasize each other and exude as much beauty as I can bring out. That is what makes the wearer feel fantastic, is when you can feel that when you put it on. There's power in not being afraid to wear what you love!

Red head with hair half pulled back smiling in front of bookshelves

I purchased a witch's broom necklace from The Mystic Victorian, and I'm so pleased with what I received. It's very beautiful with good energy. The wire art is so sweet and dainty with a wonderful stone choice. It arrived in a small gift box with a thoughtful note and helpful care instruction card. Such a lovely piece that I'll wear with gratitude.
Jessica did an amazing job custom making my moon necklace and matching ring set. She brought my vision to life and gave me exactly what I wanted. Shipping was fast and the items were very well packaged.
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